I need a flipper 0

and then I need to put it on the pistolgrip yagi.

@thegibson Thinking of flipper 0 grenades...or land mines. Finally a use for IoT sensors.


A simple script that look up OUI to detect a drone, then SIGKILL

@thegibson Mostly I'm just trying to figure out the geometry of the antenna in an unmodded Flipper and how you'd have to position that on the yagi to get the gain you want.

@socketwench it'll p4obably have to be multiple antennae, and an actual yagi would likely only help for one range, I was more just wanting to mod it... but now that you mention it, a central grip with a ring of antennas to cover the different requirements sounds way cooler.

@thegibson You probably could mod it to get a SMA connector on it. If you wanted to do it unmodded, I think you'd need a reflector plate to covert it to an and-fire helical, and then position the firing axis along the yagi. Yagi's, iirc, are pretty frequency dependent, though...

@socketwench it has gpio... s3en some folks using that to interface antennae.

@thegibson I finally broke down and ordered one last month. Gonna try and port the touchtunes radio remote to it, i think.

I also wonder if I can get it to emulate amiibos, that would be sick.

@TheGibson they’re available in the US again now! I placed my order a couple days ago.

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