Mac patch and update delivery is shit compared to Windows.

There, I said it.

@lilithsaintcrow I mean of course I'm an hour into wait to get a desktop back.

@thegibson On the bright side, that time could be used for day drinking and mischief?


Sadly I don't get to do that...

Until Vegas, then there will be day drinking.

@thegibson Delayed gratification is sometimes the best gratification. But it still sucks. :P


I don't know what you are smoking, but I definitely want some of it.


One hour? Pshaw!

I will have you know my last Windows update took two and a half, with several reboots thown in there for good measure.

@thegibson The updates are slow, "15 minutes" = 45 minutes minimum on a real older machine with actual files to move around; Apple obvs only tests on pristine new M1/M2 devices.

But unlike Windows, they almost never* brick your machine, and you decide when to take the update, it doesn't shut down in the middle of something and say "FUCK YOU! WE'RE MICROSOFT!" so there's that.

* One time that I know of. If you had spaces in some path you shouldn't? Something like that.

@mdhughes it has bricked me more than Windows has in the past 15 yrs.


Microsoft: Windows Update will take about 2 hours.

Tim Apple: "Hold my beverage..."

@claudiom @TheGibson

And the absolute worst is, of course, Windows deciding to start applying updates after 15 seconds of inactivity. Because f* you, that's why.

At least, MacOS tries to reming you gently that there is a freaking important update waiting for you every time you open the control panel.

@ParadeGrotesque @thegibson I've seen both positive side and negative side of their respective updates. Both have sat at points where it's taken WAAAAAYYYYYY longer than it should have, even when expecting a long process. Yet, both have survived me puling the plug on that rare occasion and have relented to completing their upgrades in a timely manner afterwards. :flan_executioner:

@ParadeGrotesque @thegibson Once that happens, they usually don't do that to me again. Gotta let 'em know who's boss. :flan_cleaver:

@thegibson yep, their MDM picture and multi monitor support is utter garbage compared to Windows too.
Ive had more problems using MDM and EDR on macos than I ever had on windows.
My favorite example is this EDR on windows hums away just fine, on macos every so often it goes out to lunch and causes bluetooth to stop working which eventually causes a system crash.

Problem is if youre using windows youre still dealing with windows, and as of late if I cant have linux id rather have another unix like MacOS

@TheGibson that java botnet apple caused was hilarious to me

@thegibson I give you Xcode updates are unreasonably long, but macOS updates don’t seem to be unreasonably long.

Of course, I work on my Linux desktops, and the Mac was going to be sitting there anyway. 🤷🏽‍♂️

@thegibson I've never had windows update mess up a system and since I've used windows 10 (around 2017) I've never very had an update that took more the 15 minutes. Recent windows updates are even better at doing them when you aren't around and you dont even notice them anymore.

Maybe I just didn't live through the time when it was bad, but I think people project past experiences on the current one and make it worse than it is in their heads.

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