I shared music with the team today.

Some of them did not know The_Prodigy... the freaked out liking it so much.

Also, I turned to dust today.

@thegibson Show 'em how we used to kick it back in the ninteen hundreds, gibson

(my kids refer to the 90s like this and it kills me)

@zyk Seriously, a few wanted to make our team's Theme song because it fit so well... I giggled a little.

@thegibson I always liked that track, but was never a fan of the lyrics.

@thegibson Maybe next week you can tell your comrades about Major Lazer or Knife Party.

@kemonine Yes, but from very secondary sources... like Stranger Things.


I had something similar happen when I introduced Orbital to a dance class I was a regular at. Dust and all.

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