Alright, tell me a true, one sentence story from your life that raises more questions than answers... I'll start.

John Malkovich once brought my dog home when it got out of the backyard.

@thegibson I accidentally tracked the dev of Bob’s Game down to the car he lived out of in a walmart parking lot in my town.

@thegibson I entered a meat locker wearing makeup, and left without it.

@thegibson dad thought that the best way to spend that $3k in roulette winnings was on Tony Danza tickets, and he was right!

@TheGibson …and then I climbed over the fence down on to the trainyard bed with an entire bottle of tequila somehow jammed into my back pocket.

@thegibson I used a horse to sun dry my clothes in the middle of the woods.

@melyanna @thegibson Funny. So have I. Literally a 3 hour ride back to the trailhead, much less "civilization".

I miss having horses, on occasion.

@thegibson That was when Canadian Rocker Larry Gowan blinked at me and said, "How the fuck did *Ruth's* son turn out so right?"

@thegibson I graduated high-school 6 months early with a 0.4 gpa

@BalooUriza more like "F" for "For fucks sake, kid. Ya know what? here just take it and get the fuck out of here"

@thegibson I once exited an establishment that I had just spent a few hours sleeping off a drunken "fun time" in, only to have the person seeing me out tell me the large white shape I saw in the sky to the East was Santa.

@thegibson I was not invited to, but nonetheless got, a VIP tour of Caesars’ NOC/SOC during DEF CON

@thegibson I found the rarest Beatles album ever published inside the sleeve of a 1970s stereo speaker test record I bought at a thrift store.

@thegibson my interview at radio shack ended with the bus driver careening away after calling me a demon and slamming the door in my face.

@bluknight @thegibson no, I was turned down for "lack of reliable transit" .. I lived less than half a mile from the store (just not from the interview site), so my transit was "dude I can walk that in under 10min." And it was the bus leaving the interview I missed, not the one to reach it. So I dunno what their problem was. Maybe they had a no demons hiring policy?

@thegibson There was a lot more current running through that light fixture than we thought.

@thegibson But in spite of the fraud and stranded tourists who had their money taken from them, and the ongoing mystery of why the birds went quiet, meeting John DeLancy was still worth it.

@thegibson We decided that the alligator wouldn't bother unicyclists unless we left the trail

@TheGibson Weird Al wouldn't stop serenading in front of my parent's door

@thegibson the Canada goose that broke it's neck across my nose at 70mph+ was already dead.

@thegibson I was once pushed to the ground by Walter Koenig.

@thegibson I was on stage with Michael Jackson and all I got was a T-shirt.

@MrsMouse @thegibson Don't recall if it had any sponsor logos. It was a monochrome b/w print and had Michael Jackson's eyes across the chest. The Dangerous World tour style eyes. At that point he was still quite popular and the shirt was soon stolen when I left it lying on my towel at a public swimming pool.

@MrsMouse @thegibson Looked up the date: September 4, 1992. Great times. I did not even have a phone that could take pictures.

@thegibson I accidently met Henry Winkler in a newsagents in my local mall (Midlands, UK). He was doing a tiny book signing and I was trying to make change by buying some gum.

@thegibson although tbf I guess any questions you may have would probably be answered by my description anyway, outside of "Why would the Fonz be in a tiny west midlands newsagents"

@thegibson I once played rock-paper-scissors on stage in front of a cheering crowd (and won).

@thegibson I got a B.A. in German due to my determination not to have to take any foreign language classes in college.

@thegibson I once got run over by a car 3 times in the span of 5 minutes.

@thegibson We had successfully distilled the alcohol off the capsaicin without the rig detonating, but thanks to my rookie mistake the whole distillate got siphoned back in as soon as I killed the gas flame.
The non-neutonian beanie-hat team were more successful: it looked like recycled tyre but it would probably stop a truncheon, in a pinch.

@thegibson I used to play the umbrella in a marching band.


I've never met Spider Robinson, but he once helped carry my luggage in New Orleans.


I was kidnapped at gunpoint in Honduras and talked my way out of it.

@thegibson I had to borrow a tie in order to attend drinks and dinner at the House of Lords on short notice.

@thegibson The clearest sign we’d gone too far was when Dr Dogg asked us to stop helping load the van.

@TheGibson One time I came upon a circle of trees in a field, in the middle was a collection of cow and bird bones

@thegibson Dennis Kucinich once spilled water accidentally on a book I was reading

@thegibson I had the MPs tackle my CO face down on the tarmac one time.

@thegibson I have played a VAX 11/780 as a percussion instrument in a band.

Well, I did have a Japanese documentary film crew cover me at my desk while trying to fake having a normal conversation with my boss in a converted craftsman attic in Pasadena, California.


When giving the purchase order to the tire repair serviceman, I asked where the renter was and he said "oh, he's over there watering his llamas."

@TheGibson I got my leg caught in a tree when I was spying on the neighbor kids.

@thegibson One spring, I went 35 days without eating or drinking, including water.

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