Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade 

Once again proving my predictions right.

Hope you are ready for a Christian Nationalist Surveillance State...

I know I am. :_penta: :anime_glasses: :blobdevil: :anime_glasses: :_penta:

Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade 

@TheGibson I want to read the law, but also I want to cry so
maybe I'll just watch some silly shows instead

Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade / trans venting (snarky) 

@thegibson sure love that my state requires express permission from my husband/boyfriend in order to have a full hysterectomy performed, love how even then surgeons can turn me down based on "well what if you want kids someday?"

(Note: T does not make me infertile)

re: Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade / trans venting (snarky) 

@DrSagan @thegibson that's not fair, it's your body
plus, what if you don't have a husband or boyfriend? what if you have a girlfriend or no partner? do you have to have a male partner to have a hysterectomy? can you get someone to pretend?

re: Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade / trans venting (snarky) 

@alienskyler @thegibson you can probably get someone to pretend, its mostly paperwork; so if you dont have a partner, there's just... a lot of paperwork and interviews in that case

like... for me? if i get a double mastectomy first, that would give me an argument and a paper trail to... essentially "prove" that i know what im doing and that the surgery is needed

anyway, thanks for letting me overshare :D

Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade 

@thegibson Abortion is one of those few topics where the leftists are not looking for government intervention for a change, while the right wingers think the government should step in and tell people what they can and can't do. It's interesting.

Realizing this doesn't help the current situation, but it's still interesting nonetheless.

The libertarians/anarchists seem consistent (little to no gov't), as does the green party (big gov't).

Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade 

@thegibson that’s so fucking gross. “Umborn rights protection”?

Uspol/privacy/Roe V. Wade 

Oh wow, that hit my RvW bingo card, "RICO provisions". I bet they also have something for fed human trafficking in there as well, going to have to read this after work.

Well, I'm Latino, it's not as if I've ever gone a decade without me or a relative being threatened with stuff like this, or deportation, or whatever.

People gonna people, just going to have to people more quietly than many have been used to. At least until this gets fixed.

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