@thegibson If Texas rulings history follows, this will soon be federal law 🤦🏻

@thegibson Republicans literally have to change the laws so they can abuse people online.

Good gods.

@thegibson new social media site that allows everyone but Texans
I don't understand this part
moderat[ion cannot occur] based on “the viewpoint of the user or another person,”
Does that mean moderation must be based on the viewpoint of the one moderating or the one being moderated?

@thegibson ughhh. Counting down the days until Ken Paxton does not represent me in some manner.

Until then, as a Texas resident who operates his own social media site, I guess I'll sue myself over my own moderation decisions.

@thegibson Imagine if Facebook or Twitter just flicked off service to Texas for 6 hours. “We’re sorry, legal says you aren’t responsible enough to use our services.”

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