LOL has been classified as "adult" by the British Board of Film Classification.

We are blocked on the networks of Three and O2 due to this.

I literally cannot even.

@packetcat @TheGibson

alas, its no joke for people in Britain (at least those who don't learn about how networking operates and finding other wifi connections, tethering) - we lost most of our younger users on a popular rave and drugs harm reduction site since 2013 due to this blocking (when it happens on HTTPS sites its like the site simply isn't there), also switching to home wifi doesn't always work if parents have enabled family filter..

@gemlog @packetcat @TheGibson

probably simply because it has "hackers" in the name. Its possible to appeal but only for UK-based paying customers of O2 and Three (not even the MVNO Giffgaff as they don't have access to the same level of customer service agents as O2 customers, which is why Giffgaff is cheaper)

@gemlog @vfrmedia @packetcat @thegibson To be a hacker is to be out there on the fringe, so you can hardly expect to be treated with civility. Getting unconventionally creative with technology and voiding all manner of warranties is not what the mainstream wants.

@bob there's a big moral panic about young gamer kids DDOSing rival servers, nicking in game loot from each other which is classed as both "hacking" and low level criminal activity (although tethering the mobile phone to another device often bypasses these blocks, at least it does on giffgaff, though there's also about 10 levels of CGNAT to contend with)

@packetcat @TheGibson

due to economic recession this now even affects young adults (as well as teens) who have to move (back) in with their parents and don't have access to the router (many ISPs now lock it down so only the bill payer can turn off the family filter), and there's a worrying loss of deeper tech skills amongst mainstream younger people as trends shift towards use of mobile phones rather than laptops/desktops (which are seen as for "school/work" and thus uncool)

@thegibson Dafuq? Did you have a lot of spamy porn accounts at one time or something?

@chris nope... it says "Hackers" in our domain name I think.

@TheGibson Despite the name, trustedsource still thinks you're "Minimal Risk"...

@thegibson hacker meetups in the UK must be a hell of a lot different than hacker meetups in the US 😂🤣


I now get to join my ancestors in the battle for independence I think... or something.

@thegibson Gonna toss some perfectly good tea in a harbour then, are we?

@thegibson I mean. I think we see a boob in the Hackers movie, for like 3 seconds.

@thegibson and I do mean ONE.

Not a plurality.

Not a chest.


@mansr I had a user report it... could just be family and age blocked.

@TheGibson Think that for the casual observer it's not clear what is meant here?

Going by this text it means the ISPs blocks domains, it's opt-out, possibly not easily. And many will not know about that option, or that it is happening at all, if it appears as a SSL Error.

So it means it is really close the most fundamental type of blocking, at the domain level.

For instance the O2 - and Three ISP are doing this to

@jasper @TheGibson

This is standard blocking procedure for mobile sites in the UK since about 2013. to opt out the enduser has to prove they are over 18 by sending personal info such as sending the mobile company a photo/scan of their driving licence or other age ID.

@vfrmedia @TheGibson I don't like here the response page does not tell you it is blocked and why. Feel like quite a lot of modern sites are similarly opaque about stuff like that. (reddits shadowbans are also pretty terrible)

I am sure it is convenient on the short term. But it can easily leave people angry and suspicious.

@jasper @TheGibson

when sites were unencrypted http you did use to get a warning message, on https sites its just SSL error or blanco page as if it simply doesn't exist.

The reason it doesn't cause a shitstorm is so many folk are now only used to mainstream sites/apps (FB, Twitter etc) they don't even realise things are missing in the first place..

I'd suggest mentioning this to the ORG, these are the kind of shenanigans the project is trying to cast a light on

@thegibson Which kind of blocking is it? DNS, IP, both?

@thegibson I was wondering why I couldn't access it on my cell network!

@episode0x01 I'm wondering if you're able to complain about this, seeing as you're a subscriber?

I don't know much about how UK laws and subscriber agreements work though.


@maddiefuzz @thegibson yeah it's odd because if I try to access on O2 cell network via VPN, the page doesn't load. Without VPN it gives my a notification to "Allow adult content" by submitting my driver's license or passport. Which like as a matter of principle is a hard no for me.

But at the same time I can access popular torrent indexes on O2.... Go figure

@rysiek @thegibson Wee woo wee woo, this is the toot police. Right, what's all this then?

@rysiek @thegibson Usually takes a while for the cops to get up to date with current events 😀

@TheGibson @tomasino am I missing something, or is the block reason/category nowhere there to be seen?

@thegibson it was my fault, sorry for all the ascii nudes


oops there goes another

@lmorchard @thegibson I know this is a joke, but don't check out the adult software collection for the Apple II.

We loaded up a floppy image from because we were painfully curious. Never again.

@maddiefuzz @thegibson I checked out lots of adult software collections for the C64 when I was a pre-teen, I wonder if it's any worse?

@lmorchard It may have been the one we decided to check out.

There was a lot of beeping, a lot of two frame "animation".

It was actually quite frightening. @thegibson

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