In the year 2000 I argued on national public radio that hacktivism was justified, and to be expected.

Many of you lost the way.

We are here not simply to destroy, but to be the midwife to a better future.

The future we were promised.

Destruction is not the goal, as fun as you may find it.

@thegibson In the next lesson on human nature, @thegibson learns about "Schadenfreude" and its implications.

@TheGibson the original CCC in 1980s wrote:

>Mülle nicht in den Daten anderer Leute.

Do not trash the data of other folk

>Öffentliche Daten nützen, private Daten schützen.

Make use of public data, protect private data

And they also had to deal with a shitstorm caused by some of their hackers attempting to sell data to the Soviet KGB for a few Deutsche Mark!

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