I would take this in a hot second, but I've already got a full-time gig. In a world with different outcomes, I would've been hiring this position.

So... I want an ally in there, for reasons... if any of you are available for this, and feel you could do it, I will do everything in my power to get you an advantage.

I want a townie, or a friend of the town, to be the one doing this.

@TheGibson I was considering applying, but I ain't moving to Americastan just to try to get EFF to appreciate Protocols not Platforms, and not push web3 and crypto.

My experience with the EFF is that they are just *bad* at recognizing the importance of decentralization. So bad, in fact, it almost feels like it's intentional.

Cory is the shining exception, of course.

@rysiek @thegibson I see that the page explicitly says "non-blockchain decentralized technologies". Has the EFF listened and reconsidered their relationships with blockchain stuff?

It can cease to be, in the right hands. This is why it's so important.

@angdraug @thegibson one can only hope this "know thine enemy" strategy. The most effective criticism of, and defense against, such a threat as is to have intimate knowledge of it.

That said we won't know what the EFF has in mind with this position until we see who they hire. Considering the cryptomania of the past year has infected people and institutions I never thought would succumb I don't know for certain where any of this is going.

@thegibson if I change jobs again, my wife will literally kill me.

@thegibson Man, I wish this showed up two years ago, woulda sprung in a heartbeat.

I'm with you on getting a townie in there. We need more perspectives in positions like that that have Seen Some Shit so they can use the platform to warn people.

@thegibson depending on who they hire, I might be stepping down as a donor.

This is a dangerous job posting.

@thegibson I wish their jobs weren't all US only, at least it seems they are
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