Bodily harm 

I once had a friend, co-worker and leader who was cleaning his gutters, slipped, fell, and broke both legs.

The silver lining to this is that since that happened, my wife will not allow me to do work that requires a ladder.

I owe that guy... my life has been a lot easier since.

Bodily harm 

@thegibson we had a roofer fall off the roof when we were having it replaced. Got up and walked it off.

My folks had a roofer fall and die on their place.

I don’t mess around with roofs.

Bodily harm 

@thegibson I get that. You were lucky that wasn't you.

There's a 13-stitch length scar on my right hand that means I never am going to be asked to work on a garage again.

Bodily harm 

That happened to the dude across the street and the insurance company sent a spy to watch his house make sure he was really broken. Didn't get me out of laddering, but I do strap it to the gutters when I use it now.

Bodily harm 

@thegibson My understanding (this happened when I was quite young and I haven't thought about it in years) is that my grandfather fell off a ladder and injured himself pretty badly while he was working as a construction contractor, which precipitated his move from active work to management. Glad you're staying safe!

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