@thegibson this is the worst. People should not be tricked into using their electricity for something they don't understand

@feld Agreed, and now Norton and Avira have gone there... will Trend be next?

@thegibson we have reached the part of late stage capitalism when antivirus software has straight up become malware

@thegibson Let's be real. Their actual goal all along was just to slow your computer down.

@thegibson I have a vague memory of Avira doing really well on av-comparative tests in like...2007. What a bummer.

@thegibson Is there even much point in running AV? I have MacAfee on my win pc but i feel like it'd probably be fine if i deleted it

@Capheind Yes, but all the old players are terrible now... endpoint defense is very valuable... signature based shit is not really useful anymore.

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