The new fiber connection from Iglou has really upped performance for pretty happy with that decision.

@thegibson Crews were in my back alley stealthily laying in a fibre trunk and placing temporary flowerpots for the connection points last month...hoping to get me some symmetrical gigabit by year's end :ablobspin:

@msh It has been super nice... between that and the Unifi upgrades I did earlier this year, I couldn't be happier.

@thegibson I've gotten by surprisingly well to this point but I've had enough of this 10 up/100 down nonsense. Asymmetrical service is an antiquated idea based on how we used the internet 20 years ago. Although I'm running servers in my garage even "normal people" these days rely on solid upload performance. There is more of an impact of slow upload speeds on overall performance than most people would expect.

@msh @thegibson asymmetric would be fine if it were like 200 down, 100 up. But it's always like "up is <10% of down", which is absurd for so many people. Bad DOCSIS choices don't help there, either.

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