I'm glad we we're here for each other through the pandemic.

I can't imagine a better bunch of people to become friends with over the past several years.

It's been strange, it's been fun, it's been good and bad.

One gravitational force.

A light in the void.

An island in a vortex.

And I can't wait for you to see what comes next.

re: Emotional 

@thegibson H.T is where I go when I need to chill out in the online world. It's my happy place.

re: Emotional 

@GeoffWozniak mine too.

My world has become so much better because of this place, and I hope that is true for everyone else.

I know this placed has helped people get back on their feet and find opportunity and support.

We are here to help carry that weight.

Big things are headed our way. Once again, we are going to dent the universe.


@TheGibson frreal tho I'm glad you've got an internet home full of weirdos


@thegibson it’s so great to have a place where i can come back after an absence and the great folks on here are right where i left you all and you welcome me back.

thanks for making space for me.

re: Emotional 

@thegibson 🤗​✊​

Sometimes I can't believe that this is my life: the pandemic, sure, but also the Town.

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