Blockchain is Amway for nerds... change my mind.

@TheGibson i'll tell you all how to get rich quick simply mail one dollar to po box 1729...

@TheGibson It is possible to have a blockchain/currency with a temporally and spatially symmetric issuance algorithm.

@thegibson I have a nephew who is hyper-enthusiastic about both MLMs and blockchain and I don't think this is a coincidence.

@thegibson Amway actually sells products. It's not the main point, it's still a grift, but you get something, unlike blockchain.

MOTHERFUCKER. XS Energy? I know some people who were pushing that really hard, gave me a free can, and got really upset when I told them it tasted like licking carpet full of carpet cleaner, with a faint hint of whatever animal effluent they were cleaning up. I didn't know they were doing it to pay off their mob vig^W^W Amway payments.

@mdhughes @TheGibson you can get products on the blockchain too! Who wouldn’t want to buy an ugly pixel art monkey?

@cinebox @thegibson I can make my own ugly pixel art monkey!

(tried to upload an 8x8, and it didn't render)

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