Someone really needs to make a decent alternative browser...

And before someone says Brave, fuck that linkedlists bullshit.

@TheGibson alternative browser _core_ actually.

I mean, I'm using badwolf, but it's a thin wrapper around webkit. The webkit core has some issues also.

Course Adrian on here is writing one, but I don't ... I don't have the link to it just now.

@c0debabe @TheGibson

Fairly sure the method of getting one would be "define the minimum requirements, and create that code, and publish it."

Of course, 99% of people will say that "javascript" is a requirement, and "No, no it is not."

@c0debabe @TheGibson

Then the next part would be "arguments over what language to use" and ... ugh.

Anyway, time to start making a list of requirements.

@Yop @TheGibson

Badwolf uses the same engine (webkit) as Gnome Web / epiphany; but this still has some issues in that the code base for that is a bit ... maybe a bit too out of the hands of the commons.

netsurf of course is available.
{qutebrowser, falkon (qtwebengine)}

@thegibson the problem is that web standards are so complex nowadays that writing a compatible browser would be a massive amount of work 😔

Although you could make something built off of something like servo, which while kindof a part of mozilla, it's better than nothing

@erin @thegibson Servo doesn't even run on not-modern GPUs, so I'd rather not. I don't think OpenGL 3 should be a requirement for browsing fedi.

@thegibson that would be an experiment for bounty-driven development. write the spec. write the impl.

... in Ada/SPARK! :aaaaa:

@thegibson billionaires are all like... "well, what else is there left to spend my money on???" they could fill the campaigns on all of GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, BountySource et al in a day if they wanted to.

@thegibson yep nope bye firefox im done playing this sick game

@TheGibson Earlier today I figured out how to mitigate that stuff on a large scale without having to touch the UI...

@TheGibson It's very easy to do, and undo.

With that user.js file in place, it flips things around so that the option is still there, but it turns it off by default. The user can enable it for a session, if they want to for some crazy reason, but it will flip back to disabled as long as that .js file is there with those contents.

Any changes to that setting (by Mozilla or the user) won't stick.

@TheGibson I posted it to Twitter earlier today and got what I -think- was a compliment from Jason Scott..but I'm not absolutely sure it WAS a compliment. Sometimes it's hard to tell :)

@paradroyd @TheGibson

Perhaps sending that info somewhere else (Yes, you published it, but it probably needs to have some additional people, not on mastodon, see it, to actually stop the hemmoraging) would be a good idea, such as the CCC or FSF ... (My personal biases vs Gnu tell me to avoid sending to the Gnu folks so it can actually help, rather than be buried under tons of arguments about whether the license for the patch is compatible with someone else's belief system)

@Truck @TheGibson Feel free to repost it in whole or in part as you see fit.

I basically figured this out today for my own selfish reasons and decided to share it.

@paradroyd @TheGibson I'm not sure _I_ would get any traction that would be needed either.

But yes let's see if the CCC can do something with it... um... now where _IS_ the ccc's mastodon presence (ccc produces several DOZEN possibilities and let's choose the right one) ... um maybe I've been studying Finnish too much but that does not look like English to me. And I don't see the mastodon thing... darn it. I'm kinda migrating a nameserver at the moment and need to not go searching for this right now, um... anyway. That was my suggestion I'll look into it after the migration.

Also the creation of lists for minimal requirements.

@Truck @paradroyd @thegibson there's a decently populated (162 nicks) #ccc channel on

@paradroyd @TheGibson there are other projects to customize Firefox thru user.js as well, like and

I have yet to dig into these and figure out what I want to do with mine but it might be of interest

@acdw Thanks. I'll take a look at it. Right now I'm busy scp'ing user.js files all over the place.

@acdw @TheGibson There's actually a similar mechanism for Chromium using a .json file called "policy.json", typically in /etc/chromium/policies/managed That's part of how I lock our Raspberry Pi-based PACs down.
Honestly you can stick any .json file in there and it's contents will be honored. THAT one I knew about. This Firefox thing I just found today.

@paradroyd @TheGibson oh wild! yeah I don't get why it's a JavaScript file because it seems like it's just a lot of settings.

@lordbowlich @thegibson they started accepting money for Google and got more user hostile :(

@thegibson thanks for posting about this! im exhausted! :D

anyway its been disabled

thank you for your service o7

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