So... are we all aware that it is cybersecurity awareness month?

I feel like we are properly aware.

@thegibson all I know is they're trashing our rights


@thegibson "Okay we need to get more people aware that this month is cybersecurity month. So next year we will make September Cybersecurity Awareness Month Awareness Month. That way the month before cybersecurity month will be awareness that the following month is cybersecurity month"

@thegibson when the leaves begin to change color is when the cyber ramps up so we need to be extra cyber-aware during these most cyberious weeks

@thegibson I heard this year's theme for security awareness month is a breach advent calendar.

@thegibson just wait until you see what breaks in tomorrow's infosec news... 🤐


This year's awareness sponsored by Farcebook (to the tune of $6B)!

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