Can't get in their own datacenters.... i am laughing so hard... out of breath....

@lilithsaintcrow I'm dying over here...



@thegibson is this “circling the wagons”, Zuck getting mad and taking his toys home, a hacking, or what? I can’t decide which of these prospects is the funniest.

@lilithsaintcrow ok, analyst hat on.

Bgp is notoriously weak, and always has been ripe for abuse... but it usually takes access... initial blush, insider threat.

@lilithsaintcrow their routes are gone.

Normally this would be a relatively quick fix.

But they are HOURS into this.

@thegibson Do you think Zuck is throwing a tantrum to either distract from the whistleblower or to take his toys home?

@thegibson I’m literally sitting here sipping tea watching this go down and feeling sort of vindicated. I can only imagine how actual hackers must feel.

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow There's an argument to be made that, while Facebook is off-line, they're sweeping through their storage arrays looking for anything and everything that could implicate them in a hearing, and disposing of that evidence.

@vertigo …ah, this is something I hadn’t considered. Do you think it’s possible? @thegibson

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow @vertigo
Or "We didn't mean to do it, and in fact are too incompetent to have done it intentionally - see how we effed up on Oct 4th?".

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow Not letting employees on campus ensures plausible deniability as well, since the vast majority of FB employees don't actively mean to be evil. They're just pawns getting a cushy paycheck in return for their service to king and company. Keeping them away ensures safety from prying eyes and future whistle-blowers while the "network is fixed."

I don't know what probability this could be true; but, it does add up as a plausible course of action senior management could take.

@vertigo @thegibson @lilithsaintcrow I'd like to think they wouldn't be that stupid (because it would come out, on top of the massive disruption they're dealing with), but it is possible.

@thegibson I know Occam’s Razor is probably the likeliest explanation here. But I have to say I am suspecting a great deal. @rowens @vertigo

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow @rowens Yeah; it's most likely just a botched network configuration. They have had many over the years.

Still, ... 🤔​

@thegibson @vertigo @lilithsaintcrow
While assuring everyone that their data is perfectly sec-sec-sec-secure. (If you'll forgive the riff on your avatar.)


Your chart is ready, and can be found here:

Things may have changed since I started compiling that, and some things may have been inaccessible.

The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow Maybe a deadly embrace in their infrastructure update systems - easy to do if you don't pay attention, say, because your bosses are running everyone at the ragged edge.

This is what happens when the younger generation says "We don't need out-of-band management."

@thegibson meanwhile, the last data center in my control has eight USRobotics Dual-Standard modems that get monthly dial-in tests. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten "I totally understand why we have those, now" type of messages from my teams today.

@TheGibson @lilithsaintcrow With the kinds of redundancy that Facebook has I'm sure that someone is slapping their forehead, realizing the biggest single-point of failure was inside the building all along.

@craigmaloney @thegibson @lilithsaintcrow Nope. During orientation, new hires are taught that this is always the case.

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow today's lesson is sometimes it is *not* appropriate to "eat your own dogfood" actually

#farcebook #MoveFastAndBreakThings

@thegibson @lilithsaintcrow Nice to know where their employees are, I guess... but goddamn it's a scary thought to give Facebook any information.

@thegibson many nerds driving very fast in their Tesla’s from their nice homes…. Wait do you mean they’re literally locked out????

@thegibson like...physically?

As in the outage also took out the key card readers and physically locked them out?

That would be HILARIOUS if that actually happened

@msh @thegibson I also heard that their domain name registrar... is a subsidiary of Facebook itself.

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