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Fundraiser update: we are a GO!

the jersey with the Logo can be found below, If you want to add your handle and custom number, use the Add Roster Information link you see in the image below.

Honor system on names. only use Handles you are actually buying for. numbers can be a free for all though... because I am not pretending half of you aren't picking 69 or 42 or some shit.

If you want to try to keep the numbering sane too, post here when with your handle/number, and we will publicly shame anyone who grabs a number that has already been spoken for.

Also remember everyone, even if you claim your number in this thread, you also have to enter it when ordering!

@thegibson @vertigo @fidgety Oh, it's more obvious than that.

Just remember what a nerd I am.

On a serious note, would I be able to reserve one for a week? That's when I get paid and I'd rather not pull savings to pay for groceries. ><

@nobody Yeah, those are impossible to find with custom number without this sort of pricetag.

I may run the same design on a T-shirt too.


Unfortunately, we cannot ship to a PO Box. Please choose a different shipping address, or


@bill Dammit.

I am not liking these guys' shipping rules...... if it's any consolation, I can't see the shipping addresses on this one.


I politely gave them a very clear explanation as to why I use a po box.

@bill Here's the trick I use. Go to the post office and ask to sign up for the service where they can sign to receive packages. You sign a form, they then can sign for you. They then give you the street address of your post office and you can get packages from UPS / FedEx / etc. at the post office. Have done this for years. Not every post office will do it, but many do. It's ridiculous but it works.


I'll ask my post office about this. It has been especially frustrating when UPS is used as the shipper, because they deliberately will not deliver to US PO boxes that are not... at a UPS store.

@bill Good luck.

May I also add that I've been mailing and receiving mail, tens of thousands of items, since 1982, and all the delivery services are performing as poorly as I've ever seen. I offer no explanation, only an observation and opinion. So, double good luck to you.


I tend to forget that most shop owners don't know about the UPS policy of only delivering to UPS PO boxes only. Until the store gets enough complaints, they won't change to a more expensive/inconvenient shipping method.

@bill @onan

This is a pet peeve of mine..

I run into the problem of shop's not understanding that unless they are shipping ground or overnight the UPS will not be handling the final delivery for most rural western addresses.

They will pass it to the USPS, and the USPS doesn't do street delivery anywhere in this zip. So without a PO Box, it's going to get lost.

I really wish stores would take the time to understand wtf they're paying for when they select delivery providers or that not every delivery location has a street address.

@bill @onan

Or conversely, places that ship Ground but then us the USPS database for street addresses confirmation... which surprise, surprise, doesn't contain addresses for locations that the USPS doesn't ship to.

@bill @thegibson Your Post Office probably has a service where you can enter t for street address and your box number and it will be accepted/delivered

@thegibson A friend has sponsored me; so I have chosen "Noelle", 17.

@thegibson Also, for what it's worth, I got $2.49 off with the coupon code SAVE5NOW.

@thegibson (and I am assured this will not affect your proceeds.)

@noelle TBH, I'm not doing this one for the money... ain't even worried.

@thegibson So I spent some time thinking on this and I now have questions (because my original number idea was, you know, 6 hexadecimal digits, and I'm fairly sure that isn't going to work with the design.)


(Not for me, but asking, as there IS a difference in sports between 0 and 00.) Are we doing both 0 and 00?

For me: Negatives are allowed, yes?

I'm not sure if I'm going to do -02 or 68. Or 12.

For me: Pi, Euler's constant, and so on: supported or not?

And I'm not sure if I'm going MJD or MC 68000 Ft Jesus, and I don't think MC 68000 Ft Jesus works in the design either, and I'm just all "well let's wait for answers."


with ¥ not working, I'm going to go for short, not long.


... however, they're having serious problems with my perfectly valid address here in Finland. "Address validation error." Chances are they just aren't able to process this sort of thing... and shipping is actually more than the shirt. So.. um... let me know if we end up doing some form of "sane" shipping to somewhere and then we get shipped normally (as I see some folks are having issues with PO boxes, etc.)

(i.e. I can't place the order right now, I'll try later.)

(Yes I know "but you could have had C 64" Yes. And I may take that as well if I have to deal with 60 dollar shipping on top of this anyway.)


Cool. I'll hold off on trying to order another until Monday or so, since I doubt they'll work the weekends. I would HOPE they would not work today / tommorrow (:

@thegibson hmmm to keep my ht handle and dox myself in public or just go with real name 🤔🤔

@thegibson Claiming G, 66



Can’t wait to wear this at DEFCON CTF

@thegibson Heh heh.

Not sure if I'll order it.

I didn't feel any affinity towards numbers, so I decided on a symbol.

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