Yes, Big Company, when I say, “I am invoicing you for the precious working time I’ve lost dealing with this matter because of YOUR incompetence”, I mean it, and you will pony up.

Giving me the time to spend tilting at a windmill is never a good choice. You’d think people would learn.

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Go figure. Big Company has ignored my request to get this issue fixed for TWO YEARS but the instant I ask where to send the invoice for my time to, suddenly they start replying ASAP.

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“We will have a supervisor phone you—“

No. You will not. You will email me the address I will use for the invoice so there’s a record of everything said. You will not try to shout me down/gaslight me during a phone call.

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@thegibson I know I’ll probably never get paid but by gum, I’m not going to make it easy to ignore me.


@lilithsaintcrow I'm not talking to you right now... so that you may store your anger and let it ferment without comfort.

I want them to get the full force of your anger and derision.

Like Galadriel.

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