I did it! I finally showed Gila the thing!!!!@#$%^ Let's see how she reacted: my film podcast's long-overdue take on 1995's "Hackers" is now available to put into your ear holes.



@Rob_T_Firefly I made it about 25% through before I decided I didn’t want to be called in as a witness in a contentious divorce proceeding. ;)

@thegibson Also you have just cracked Gila up significantly. She says "tell him I said we're still speaking."

@Rob_T_Firefly @TheGibson exactly what I'd expect you to say if you two were not speaking and you were trying to protect gibson's future testimony :blobhyperthink:

@Rob_T_Firefly good.

Happy to provide a laugh, it’s a value-add.

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