If ever a machine needed to be a cyberdeck...

The Sinclair QL

@TheGibson Needs chipslots and a few accessory controls, like the emergency manual cutoff, on that big black surface to the right. I hadn't thought about the Shadowrun egg timer in years. EEG monitor patched into the deck, combination of hardware and software. If black ice lands a hit, whether or not it does damage, the egg timer tries to drop the connection, then power off the port, then hard shutdowns the deck if the first two don't work. Better data loss and dump shock than scrambled eggs.

@polychrome @thegibson Yeah, QL flopped, it had a ton of problems. Was basically like Mac/Atari ST/Amiga, but tape drives instead of floppy & HDD.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on my SpecNext, which is based on the simpler but working +3.

@mdhughes @polychrome @thegibson

Yeah they were around in the UK after Amstrad bought Sinclair. Its very similar to the CPC 6128 from what I remember

@remotenemesis @mdhughes @polychrome @TheGibson

ISTR QL's predated Amstrad takeover, were never particularly reliable or easy to get, keyboard looked good but wasn't that nice to use (similar to the Spectrum plus) - following the takeover they were in fact discontinued in preference to the CPC series with better keyboards, real disc drives (rather than the tape loop Microdrive) and tried and tested technology (those were almost a BBC Micro/Master but with Z80 instead of 6502)

@vfrmedia @remotenemesis @mdhughes @polychrome @thegibson i really liked the QL keyboard, but over the years i've come to the conclusion that i'm an outlier among outliers ;-)

@polychrome @TheGibson recently had someone who showed his QL collection with all kinds of stories:

@polychrome @TheGibson (I own one of those too, but tbh it's one of the least used machines in my collection. Probably powered it on like twice in all those years? Took a couple of pictures recently: )

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