I have had both doses of vaccine.

5G reception still sucks.

I am very disappointed.

How can this be? It's supposed to fix everything!

@thegibson Dig out an old metalzone 2 for maximum effect

@TheGibson i heard bill gates is probably tracking your 5g reception and will probably fix it soon though and your cell phone will be free a few days out from my second shot and I haven't noticed any fun or even boring mutations yet. Boo and/or hiss!

@thegibson so now the question is, will you use your new mutant powers for good or evil?


Maybe, just like an iPhone, you're holding it wrong

@thegibson Same. I even sat there for the full 15 minutes while they activated the chip.

@thegibson I had my first one. I was automatically signed up for Windows Updates the first Tuesdays of every month. Can't wait what the second shot gives me.
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