I remember getting introduced to the music of MLWTTKK in 1991... a dear friend of mine copied his cd of Confessions of a Knife to cassette, and I listened to it nearly non-stop for the next 2 years, and when the cassette broke, I bought the CD and listened to that for another 5 yrs.

Then I got my first MP3 player, and guess what the first thing on it was...

That’s right, PM5K... and TKK. ;)

I still jam that album all the time. A masterpiece. The peak of early industrial right before industrial would dominate so much of the 90’s.

Some people point to Pretty Hate Machine. And that’s a viable argument, but I point to Confessions of a Knife. Because it is not ashamed of what it is.

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And if you come at me with The Downward Spiral, you were late to the party.

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@TheGibson My introduction to industrial was Ministry's "The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste" so I'm pretty well late to the whole party.

@craigmaloney @TheGibson I showed up early listening to Einstürzende Neubauten and Nitzer Ebb and the like, but it didn't really grab me long-term for a while longer.

@djsundog @TheGibson I should clarify; I was late, but at least I had a lot to catch up on.


IMHO the best thing about Downward Spiral was the remixes, which did two things:

* brought me a fabulously nasty remix of 'Reptile' by David Oglive, that track and especially that mix are Style Goals

* introduced me to Aphex Twin via the weird little moody tracks that he didn't actually use any NIN samples in the construction of

i mean it was an alright album I guess but it wasn't a bolt from the blue the way PHM was, and Trent's "everything is terrible forever" narrative voice was already starting to wear thin as his fortunes rose.

@anthracite yes. I differentiate the two albums as angry hungry goth boy, and well paid famous goth boy.

@TheGibson Wow, I haven't listened to "Confessions" in ages. I should revisit that.

@TheGibson I was that way with Dead Boys and Lords of the New Church.

@TheGibson I heard them in '94 while couch surfing with a bunch of skate punks with good taste, and was instantly hooked.

@thegibson Kraftwerk & Wendy Carlos led to Einstürzende Neubauten, which led to KMFDM, MLWTTKK, PWEI, NIN in '89. Ministry I'm pretty sure was '90. I was mostly metal in my yout', but Queensrÿche's Empire in '90 was half bullshit, and I started DJing, so I branched out a lot more.

@mdhughes Jesus... this is very similar to my own stuff.

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