I have never had a time change kick my ass like this one has.

@TheGibson you know my feelings on this.

Also, we didn't change yet. That disaster is still coming. And then it will be freaking HELLO IT IS 4 AM I AM THE SUN HELLO YOU SHOULD BE AWAKE 'um sun you never left please I must sleep' YOU CAN SLEEP DURING WINTER WHEN I AM NOT HERE I AM HERE NOW PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEE

anway condolances, Daylight Savings Time must be DESTROYED

@thegibson Gettin' old. And waking up (or sleeping, in my graveyard shift case) around the changeover *sucks*. Time changes never bothered me when I was young and I'd crash at 2-4 am drunk and wake up 12-4 pm.

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