I wonder if I can pull the embroidery off my backpack... tired of stanning a Corp.

@thegibson I've done this before with and without success. When it gets messy I have covered the holes/remaining embroidery with a patch.

@sudoneuron and I have a few good patches that I’m looking to use anyway.

@sudoneuron @thegibson When it comes to clothing, I'm more of the hacker in the popular-media sense: I do terrible things to them and then they aren't usable anymore.

@thegibson they have thread pullers and such...

just note that if the back is old enough you'll have an outline in the materials where they have faded around the stitching

@thegibson A seam ripper and a new patch that's worth getting worked up about will see you right here.

@thegibson I once tried removing the "Tick" logo for a pair of Nike tracksuit pants I liked. I discovered that the logo was remarkably well woven and that I could only remove the first layer of threads - removing the full logo was basically impossible. I guess that makes sense, Nike is basically just a tick that gets stamped onto the labour of workers Nike doesn't directly employ, as far as Nike are concerned they're a "Tick Company" not a "pants company" :picardfacepalm:

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