The story behind the use of this font is some local flavor...

There was once a record store here that was basically our version of "Empire Records" called Ear-X-Tacy.

It was a glorious place, and in Louisville, their stickers in that font graced every car and guitar case... people would even chop them up to spell out different slogans.

The store closed some time back... another casualty of the "Progress of man"...

It was last a Panera bread which recently closed.

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@TheGibson we have a local place in the Twin Cities that very much has that sort of vibe, called The Electric Fetus. They're struggling due to the constraints of the pandemic, and I'm worried we'll lose them.


It sucks to see the places starting to fold now... a lot of good local culture is starting to get lost in this mess.

@thegibson fucking tragedy it got replaced with Panera.

I was lucky enough to go there and buy some shit right before it closed. Not sure what I did with the bumper sticker.

@theruran I remember back in the 90's when we'd come to Louisville for a concert, and there always had to be a stop at EXT so we could find some weird unknown genre stuff...

They never let us down...

@thegibson @theruran John Timmons was a local patron saint of music and EXTC will forever be missed. My family were regular shoppers all the way back when EXTC used to be about where Highland Coffee is (when that horrible store that caused #IKnowWhereHighlandCoffeeIs was the neighborhood Blockbuster). Followed it even into the too brief era where EXTC was in that Kinko’s building down by Douglas Loop when Timmons tried to save the store with a tiny indie music stage.

@thegibson @theruran EXTC was just ahead of Great Flood and Havana Rumba Express making Douglas Loop a credible hangout spot, and I wonder sometimes if the store had just hung on a little bit longer …

Didn’t help that people looking for EXTC kept getting lost at the Panera and apparently they were jerks about giving directions towards Douglas Loop.

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