Uspol, Hackers (1995) 

Hackers is a terrible film that had no impact on popular culture...

@donkenby- “Hold My Beer.”

Uspol, Hackers (1995) 

@thegibson crash and burn

Uspol, Hackers (1995) 

@thegibson If it wasn't for Hackers, I probably wouldn't have been interested in UI design at all… :thinkhappy:

re: Uspol, Hackers (1995) 

@thegibson that whole "computer programmer" bit still bugs me

as much as they like to throw hackers under the bus any other time given the opportunity

Uspol, Hackers (1995) 

@thegibson "Crash Override"im sobbing this si great

Uspol, Hackers (1995) 

@TheGibson ROFL at how the media uses (or does not use) the label "hacker".


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