saw Lollapalooza 1993? in New Orleans and it was like a hundred degrees outside but what a freaking show, and when it started to get dark and cool off a touch Alice in Chains set up behind a curtain made of chains and they dropped to reveal the band with Layne Staley in a three-piece suit the and the whole place was a temporary singularity of awesomemess.

@TheGibson Rage Against the Machine got three songs into their set and then Zack got pissed that people were throwing water bottles up on stage and stormed off so that kinda sucked but otherwise it was rock solid - Primus, Arrested Development, Front 242, Fishbone, Dinosaur Jr, Tool, and hella other bands on the side stage. Epic show.

@TheGibson they came out for a couple songs with Primus and Alice in Chains all on stage together and it was absolutely incandescent on the lakefront that night

@djsundog @thegibson Huh. the Chicago leg of that tour was... a mess.
First of all, it rained so hard that the 2nd stage got cancelled, which meant Tool didn't play. that... sucked. And I don't think Fishbone got to play either, or they played before I got there (due to the rain.)

Front 242 played and it rained again.

So during Dinosaur Jr, which was sublime (I mean, it's J mascis so... obviously it's gonna be brilliant but it was beyond that) people were doing circle mud pits and basically destroying the ground, because it was so wet and there really wasn't any way the venue could deal with people moving in the field, and... you know. Pits.

Or maybe that was during the next set, which was Alice in Chains. Rooster was massive.

Then Primus came on, and Fred Gwinne had just died, so ... there was a moment of silence for him. And then the Munsters theme. And then more Primus.

So it was a mess.

A beautiful mess (:

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