Thinking this through.

McConnell lost his majority.

McConnell only does what is expedient for McConnell.

If he jettisons Trump, he is the most powerful GOP member.

This is how he maintains power.

He'll have the votes to remove... guaranteed.


@TheGibson he'll have them. there's a lot of republican senators that want to run for president next time and it is very much in their interest to ensure trump can't run against them

we can't count on them to do the right thing but we sure as fuck can count on them to do the self serving thing


@Taweret I know McConnell... I've watched him basically my entire life.

I may never agree with him, but he knows how to wield power like Palpatine.

This is his moment.

he knows it.


@TheGibson it helps that mcconnell lost the majority because trump told his ride or dies that the system was rigged so they stayed home lol



McConnell only sees "Take your weapon, strike me down..."

I am looking forward to this.

Resign, you coward.


@Taweret @machado @polychrome

You are doing the lords work...

but does @fidgety know?

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