Follow inaugural virtual hackerspace will be Tonight at 8PM EST.

In this meeting we will be discussing ideas for how to make a virtual hackerspace work, and how breakout groups could be a thing. We want to make a place to collaborate and find others interested in whatever crazy project you have been dreaming of.

Our motto is “Always be noobin’”... this means to always embrace the learner’s mind, to not put up obstacles to learning, and approach everything like you would when you started your journey.

Meetings will be monthly, but for this kickoff meeting we will be giving away a door prize. One lucky attendee will be gifted a RPI 400 device.

We hope to see you there.

@thegibson is it limited to only people with accounts on I’d be interested in listening in even if I’m not eligible for the prize

@Orwelldonesteak Nope, open to all.... prize winner will be drawn at random.

@thegibson That sounds like a great idea, and a very exciting project! I hope y'all will have a lot of fun! Sadly, this would be the middle of the night for me, and also I lack the time to take part in such endeavour. Have a good time anyway!

@thegibson "always be noobin"

this describes me so well. I love it.

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