First hackerspace meetup is next Saturday at 8PM EST. We’ll be discussing what the virtual hackerspace should look like, and there may even be a giveaway...

Wait, did I speak too soon?

Anyhow, any one who wants to have input is welcome, and we will make sure everyone who wants to speak gets a chance.

And we’ll probably give something away.

@thegibson Is auditing the session a possibility, or is participation required?

@vertigo we intend to have both text and audio/video... lurking is also totally fine.

@thegibson hoo boy that's 3 in the morning um yeah that's ... entirely POSSIBLE but I shouldn't.

So I'll put in this for a request:
make these sessions 24 hours and more 'start discussion' at 2000, immediate discussion, 'summary,' and then distributed 'follow up' via ... mastodon threads? some other thread type thing? (please not Discourse that software is ... ugh I hate that UI)

@mjd we will figure something out here. This time was mainly just to accommodate the widest swath we could. We want to make it accessible to our European friends too!

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