Seriously, go check this out... Oxblood has done some incredible work over the years, and deserves to get more traction here... hardly anyone noticed his announcement on this.

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@TheGibson "Profit is based on your shares in the cooperative - the more shares you own, the higher you share in profits."

This part makes me real uncomfortable.

@rune yeah, need more info than what is on display.


No, you don't :

> It isn't a question of no longer sharing data. But of sharing the right data with the right people:
> Companies[…] Companies[…] Companies […] Companies[…]

> You decide who leases your data and profit when someone uses it.

> My vision is a system that enables people to participate in *the wealth generated by their data*

You knew enough to claim this was "a very important step to restore the future." Maybe it just happens we don't want the same future.


@tham @rune

It’s entirely possible that I hadn’t read the whole thing when I said that. Hmmm?


True! I didn't mean to be rude. ^^

It's just as you were actively promoting the stuff and inviting people to check this out, I thought you did at least read the first page or agreed with the general concept of the thing.


Ziemlich interessant 🕵️‍♂️

„.... Wir haben eine Lösung entwickelt, mit der Sie herausfinden, wer was über Sie weiß....."

cc @thegibson

@thegibson I was pretty stoked on it and was ready to toss a few bucks to see what it becomes, but alas. :/

@thegibson The pods term made me think this is was what Stacey Higginbothom was talking about earlier this month in This Week in Google, but it turns out that was Solid.

@ryen yeah... Solid is an interesting one too... but I don't trust it the same as it wasn't really a community owned effort... very VC funded.

@thegibson Very much so. The cooperative aspect is a big reason why I was willing to throw some skrill, just the reason that I think there needs to be more coops.

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