This is the death of the unbridled scientific hope we had when I was young.

This is the result of wanton abandonment of infrastructure.

This is not political.

This is lazy.

A person born with little knows to maintain things as long as you can.

When only the super wealthy have power, everything is an incidental expense.

I hate you for what you’ve done.

Making a circus so grand that dreams die within.


@TheGibson I agree, but of that isn't political idk what is...


@jordan31 @TheGibson from wikipedia: University of Center Florida, "Yang Enterprises", and the Ana G Méndez University, under a cooperative agreement with the NSF

before 2011 is was managed by Cornell University apparently

re: Arecibo 

@thegibson I drove up near it in the early 1980s. Didn't get close enough to walk around.

Yes it is absolutely political. This USA has one party that has captured the government for generations and has all along been hell-bent on making government disntegrate and die just like that observatory.
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