Friendly reminder:

If your network has WoL enabled and configured you’re going to have a bad time when ryuk happens.

@TheGibson Does this also go for machines on the network? I have only one machine configured for this.

@craigmaloney yes, once it executes on a networked machine, it attempts to WoL the rest of the network.

@TheGibson Oh, that's handy. Fortunately most of the other machines are either on all the time or don't have it configured.

@thegibson jokes on you I can't ever make it work !!!!!!!!!

@thegibson I've considered something like that before for ssh purposes, but from the get go, it seemed like a horrible idea. If my computer isn't on,. I can't ssh into it. Nothing wrong with that.

Hell, I can't even get WoL to run properly on my network...good luck to ryuk....

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