When do you think the last time anyone besides Tarantino watched Pulp Fiction?

@TheGibson Syntax error.

"When do you think WAS the last time anyone besides Tarantino watched Pulp Fiction?"

@thegibson Been a while for me, but I think of it often.

I think it was about 2002 when I last watched it.

@banjofox @thegibson Doubtful. Especially as I just fried my brain on a grade school flashback to performing in Annie.

@thegibson I watch it every year or so, not sure if it was this spring or last winter. Always FF over Mia's date.

Reservoir Dogs is "better" but I'd rather watch City on Fire if I want that; FF over the diner scene for sure.

Kill Bill 1 is awesome, 2 drags a lot.

Django Unchained is great until the bullshit end gunfight. Hateful 8 was good once but was too predictable, not rewatchable. Haven't seen his Hollywood bullshit flick, apparently *Bruce Lee* loses a fight to a honkie?!

@thegibson I think about it quite a lot. It introduced a lot of what we take for granted into modern movies in terms of slickness of presentation. I think I last watched it a few months ago.

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