I want to break down why this is not a valid news item, and why it is also not an FBI operation... From a infosec perspective.

The emails that were "Found" are only images of emails... no access to the original emails with headers that would make the data usable in a legal action.

The laptop was in a third party's hands for quite some time before it was "subpoenaed"... this means that the chain of custody is borked, and is non-admissable in any investigation.

I would expect this sort of thing out of a Giuliani Associates operation.

This article is misinformation, and likely just wet food for the Q-Anons out there.

re: USPOL 

Forensically this whole thing is fucky, and not admissible as evidence of anything... and the FBI wouldn't bother...

But a desperate political campaign would... because people believe what they want to hear.

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re: USPOL 


fucking jokers.

I mean it's not anywhere near material evidence of anything.... this is a very lame attempt at getting their demoralized base to actually bother to vote.

re: USPOL 

@thegibson @djsundog They should have held back. Their demoralized base has the attention span of a goldfish.

re: USPOL 

@thegibson there are so many indicators of this being disinformation, it's horrifying.

re: USPOL 

@anelki It really is... it will fade with no traction very quickly.

re: USPOL 

@thegibson it's the New York Post. Nothing they publish is a legitimate news item, period. They're a terrorist propaganda outlet, nothing more, and everyone associated with them should be excised from society by force.
I mean for fuck's sake, they made up a story about a 'second 911 call' that totally vindicates Central Park Karen.

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