Hackers need to be more business saavy if they want to maintain agency.

Gotta hack the paper to get to keep your morals.

They don't give you extravagant perks because they like you... they do it because they are afraid you'll leave.

You have to understand how your work empowers your employer... and what they do with it.

@thegibson repeat after me:
* free drinks are not a benefit
* offering a 401k with no match is not a benefit
* beanbags are not a benefit
* 'flex schedule' is not a benefit
* 'unlimited vacation' doesn't exist and is therefore not a benefit
* 'hackathons' are not a benefit
... and so on.

@rootwyrm @thegibson Unlimited sick leave = until we can dump you on our disability insurance and find a way to axe you.

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