Remember the before times when people would say,”hey you wanna go do %athing%?, and people would like go do a thing together?

Good times, good times.

@thegibson I remember a slightly different before time where you'd say , "you wanna go do a thing?" "Heck yeah!" But then ten minutes before the thing incoming SMS "sorry can't make it"

@z @thegibson With me it was always three strikes and you are off my invite list. Three consecutive declined, that is. I even told people after two, just so we are in the clear. Those who didn't make the cut are not missed.

@egret @thegibson that's a reasonable heuristic but people are so complicated. I can think of lots of situations where I'd want to make an exception

@z @thegibson I did with a friend who had social anxiety. Then she refused to go into therapy because she was 'better than those people', and was promptly dropped from our friendly gatherings. But doesn't concern anyone, I just felt like sharing because I am 10 out of 10 the person who initiates/organises, and I'm sick of it. :)

@egret similar for me, but I will make exceptions if someone specifically says something like "I really do want to go but my schedule/etc is just really complicated"

Because I've BEEN that guy, where I definitely wanted to join things but had too many commitments responsibilities to be able to say yes more than occasionally

@z @thegibson

@thegibson I keep asking you to go for a drink and all you have are excuses.

"Oh, I gotta work tomorrow"
"Oh, I don't have the money to get drunk"
"Oh, it's 3000 miles away! :-D

@thegibson Hold up.

Are you using DOS/Windows style variable designations?

I thought I knew you

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