All day my fingers have been misspelling words when I know the sentence is wrong and they need to be rearranged.

Writing is constantly finding out that the subconscious—or your own damn fingertips—know better than your conscious self.

You have to trust that a certain story, unfinished or not, chose you for a reason. The reason doesn’t matter; doing the work does.

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I have occasionally wondered if this is why many Big Name Historical Authors so famously indulged in booze.

I can't drink, but I've contemplated keeping a Brain Bashing Half-Brick at my desk.

@mwlucas I think it’s partly the myth of the self-destructive artist (that’s used to steal our labour and creativity without giving us fair pay) and partly the fact that the stories crowd everywhere and our brains just won’t. shut. off. once we get to a certain level. The habit of writing, rearranging, channelling other people grinds its way in deep.


@lilithsaintcrow @mwlucas

Not to be a reply guy(too late) I totally get the brain not shutting off thing!

@thegibson I don’t know if it’s self-selection, but a lot of the people I like spending time with (digitally and in person) understand that bit. @mwlucas

@lilithsaintcrow @thegibson

Every creative person I know has some degree of Unstoppable Brain.

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