Dark Hackers sequel in which we find out that Dade has become the CISO of EvilCorp and has to be brought down by the next generation of hackers.

@CobaltVelvet of course, they have to go find the old man to help with the effort... no one knows Dade's weaknesses as well.

@TheGibson does plague become a cool grandpa or a mitnick

@CobaltVelvet Not a Mitnick.

More of a failed jedi... the world has beaten him down, and sent him to the underground where only those that know the mythology can find him and seek his wisdom.

He's be managing a geeksquad when we see him, and then we find out he's been amassing personal data for 30 years... literally the anti-NSA.

@thegibson @CobaltVelvet plauge (erm, he goes by Eugene now) flips for the feds to save his own ass. He teaches defense and helps the feds arrest a ton of hackers. Along the way he figures out that he likes the helping people parts (because sometimes he helps catch actual bad guys), but has guilt over all the bullshit he helped the feds do to hackers who committed the most minor of infractions

After his probation, he becomes an advocate for systemic change, but is (understandably) afraid of the feds, so he avoids any kind of breaking activity to "keep his nose clean". He learns through contacts that the group has attention from the FBI; and his moral dilemma is that he supports the group's goals but but not their methods, as he's become inured and wants to work within the system

His arc is being reminded of what brought him to hacking in the first place, and finding that "ethical"—not "legal"—is what he actually cares about

@CobaltVelvet @thegibson yep, I think that’s the best fit given what we know about him. And it would provide an opportunity for other characters to confront him over it, and for the film to set up conflict that explores ethics (eg it could fit well for both “hey, Eugene, just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it’s wrong” and “ends don’t justify the means” ; the latter is a nice fit with his backstory because robbing a corp blind wasn’t what made him a bash guy: it was being willing to actually harm innocents in achieving that end. And the former is set up nicely by the conflict of him being inured in the system)

@thegibson If one of them is Lord Nikon's trans daughter, I'd throw money at the kickstarter.

@socketwench @TheGibson Well, the question is has she gotten over the stage where she's rebelling against him because that's what people do when they're growing up, or if she's still in it and one of the problematic leaks in the underground organization that Lord Nikon is working with.

Nikon, of course, is straight up calling Dade out on this, and Joey's working on keeping communication going with Phreak and Burn who are exiled due to previous whistleblowing items of note. Nikon has managed to avoid being exiled by spending more time in jail than not, of course; and Joey's basically had to clear his record of repeated bs claims by all sorts of bad actors who are funded by people with money who don't see a damned thing wrong with being the 1% of the 1% and shitting on the rest of the planet.

Penn and Teller continue to have Razor and Blade on their program, and numerous conspiracy theories exist as to how various leaks keep coming out after they appear on the show.

@thegibson Isn't that part of the plot of the movie version of Aeon Flux?

@sungo I mean... yeah... Aeon Flux could just be a weird Hackers sequel.

@thegibson it's sort of like how the Jolie "Tomb Raider" movies are obviously the story of what happened to Burn and her mother's book money. Though I'd also accept "Mr & Mrs Smith" as the Burn specific spin-off.
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