@thegibson Well, they're right that they're counterfeit AirPods. They just aren't labelled "Apple" so technically legal until Apple sues them into oblivion.

At the Customs office...

Agent1: Dude, fearless leader wants us to up seizure quota again, and it has to be, let me read here, "sonething Chinese".

Agent2: Is that crayon?

Agent1: yeah...*scratches*... smells like strawberry this time.

Agent2: ok, we just seize some earbuds and say they're apple knockoffs.

Agent1: True. We keep our jobs, he gets press... what about the press?!

Agent2: Not to worry, Fearless Leader can't read anyways.

Agent 1: True.

@thegibson They should not be acting as corporate "IP" defenders anyway. Let #Apple track and sue counterfeiters and let #CBP keep shipments of VX nerve gas from getting in.
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