@zhenech Christ, this quote from a ServiceNow exec:

“I don’t believe we should have an environment where management is not involved with those determinations, because what you could get into here is a situation where employees then become the decision-maker in working literally from anywhere, and you would have a hard time organizing and holding together a culture if that was the case”

Literally afraid to let employees decide how best to work. Literally afraid to give up control of the culture to the people actually participating in it.

Like, I know that's common (because sociopathy and psychopathy are massively overrepresented among executives), but it's so gobsmacking to see it just laid bare like that



@calcifer @zhenech

I really hate to see this, but it may cause a unionization trend amongst these workers... it should.

@thegibson @zhenech I'd hope so, but unionizing tech in the US is difficult for a host of reasons (including a large supply of scabs for reasons ranging from personal stupidity to just desperation)

@calcifer @thegibson @zhenech

I'm seeing a trend where middle-management is starting to dissolve in tech.

My hunch is people management is mostly going to be an HR function, while what we think of as traditional management is just going to be replaced with KPIs and self-organizing teams.

@remotenemesis @thegibson @zhenech it's kind of sad, because the reality is that "management" is still an essential function; someone on an effective self-organized team will take on those duties but never be compensated for it

And all because we culturally suck at management as a discipline

Well, Gibs, it will make local companies a much more attractive place to work if $BitTechCo is only paying a local wage.
@calcifer @zhenech

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