If you punish someone instead of offering education, you are failing to affect meaningful change.

You must recognize good faith, and engage to change perspectives if you want the world to be better.

Too few are willing to do this in this age.

At, we have long embraced the idea of helping the N00b.

We have also long acknowledged that we are all N00bs at something.

Know when to help a N00b, especially if you have a strong base of knowledge around a topic.

Don't assume their lack of knowledge is an attack on your expertise.

Find the educational moments and exploit them.

Save the world.


@thegibson this is truly amazing, thank you! The base line is, from n00b perspective - not to give a f3ck is someone ever questions your “knowledge” as you cool to fail and learn and then share with others how you seceded.
It’s kinda epic to know nothing, and start all over and keep learning as it is truly one of core things that keeps us alive.

re: Meta 

@thegibson as long and the piece of strong goes :)


@thegibson The important thing is that you want to learn.


@thegibson Actually thats not true, you most want to learn, and be willing to do the work.

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