@rysiek I mean, Inknew better than to run defender on my Windows boxes... even when everybody told me how much better it had gotten.

Because this exploit was one I used relatively often in pentesting, it was a wel known payload delivery method for at least 2 yes or so, maybe longer.

@thegibson @rysiek
Ironic is the new logic, gentlemen 🧐​
2020 Get used to it... :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@thegibson @rysiek Does this mean I can turn it off now at work?

Pretty please?

@darrenpmeyer @rysiek Any third party is better than nothing.

Sophos home is pretty good (Also a sister company of Veracode)

I run Sophos Intercept X alongside Carbon Black Defense on mine... but they are not home solutions.

Kaspersky is a great value, if you can be comfortable with them. If you handle any sort of federal contracts, it's not a good idea.

@thegibson then again, what else to run on Windows boxes, if you absolutely have to run Windows? Every single AV had a critical vuln over the last 5 years or so.

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