Shameless Shilling 

Weekly reminder that My security company is open to assist with any security needs you or your company may require.

We do blue team and red team work, staff augmentation, and consulting.

Clients all over the world, and of many different sizes.

To paraphrase Firefly, You got a job, we can do it. Don't care much what it is... unless you are ethically or morally corrupt... then we may turn you away.

We were founded on serving clients that weren't evil... We still do.

Shameless Shilling 

@thegibson Awwwww! So I can't ask you for help!

Well, that blood money will have to go towards cocaine and prostitutes. AGAIN.Y

re: Shameless Shilling 

@m4iler Depends on what your mission is, doesn't it?


re: Shameless Shilling 

@thegibson Well, my mission is to make money.

But you help me a lot already, bruv. Mentally, and with your knowledge.

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