Everybody's freaking out that fediverse apps are being removed from Google, and I'm all over here like "Good."


We have to break these relationships with the Zaibatsu anyhow.

We cannot be free without walking away.

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@aurynn yeah, the report is from an instance that is widely blocked... so may be nothing?

@thegibson oh gosh if Google is actually saying devs have to ban hateful instances at the app level

This is the best news of today

Maybe we can get Apple to do it too

@aurynn That is certainly an angle I hadn't considered it from... boy it makes the devs that already did this a few years back feel pretty good I bet.

@thegibson I mean I don't like an vastly unethical predatory advertising company wielding this kind of power in general ... but if they're doing it to help suppress hate speech then teeny positive in a sea of negative

@aurynn @thegibson My first thought was, "Twitter and facebook... when?"

That's the rub to me - that even if they're coming from the right place here they're either applying the criteria unevenly or avoiding a fight they know they'll lose by picking on the little guy.

That said, they're supposedly banning husky which seems to have the sole purpose of connecting to skeeze.

@docskrzyk @thegibson Uneven application is the biggest issue and the biggest problem with these approaches. Twitter and Facebook should definitely be pulled, but won't be. Heck, YouTube should be pulled immediately on these grounds, but won't be.

@docskrzyk @thegibson It's almost like we need ... you know, a large body of oversight to step in and enforce the rules

some sort of governing entity

a government, if you will

@aurynn @thegibson with enough reports any instance can become “hateful”. its not like google gonna check if one 3rd party correctly policing another 3rd party, as seen from brigading onto youtube channels – and those are on google properties!

The freakout seems to be happening largely among tech bros who uncritically repeat freeze peach agitprop

All the fedi clients listed as removed from Play had Gab blocks in their source history that were removed either by the maintainer (Fedilab) or in a fork (all the others), so it's not unfair to construe this as willfully enabling access to hate speech. Tusky, which blocks Gab, was not affected. I don't know of any Fedi client that didn't have a Gab block in its history

@thegibson Subway Tooter and Fedilab both got notices to fix or get removed in 1 week. Neither app blocks any instances to my knowledge, but Google doesn't specifically say that lack of instance blocking is the reason for the warning.


This is what I am concerned about.

Is the entire fediverse considered hate speech?

I mean Dethveggie got banned from twitter for talking about punching Nazis.

@thegibson @cwdolunt Hate speech is defined by local law. Therefore, app stores need to differentiate by user’s location to have any legal grounds. Are they doing that or do they block globally because they don’t want to wait for the law to catch up?

@seb @thegibson @cwdolunt hate speech is a meme. it means whatever the speaker wants it to mean, when the speaker wants an excuse to censor stuff.

@seb @thegibson @cwdolunt Reminder that there is no such thing as "hate speech" in US law. If racist spew were to have any classification in the United States, it would be "protected speech."

@TheGibson Yeah but what happens when you can't install F-Droid on your google phones anymore?

@rick_777 @TheGibson This question has 2 answers:

1. you don't have a phone provided by a large US based company.
1a. you don't have a phone provided by a large Chinese country.
1a^ to my knowledge, the only 'Russian' phone is Jolla, running Sailfish, and that's fairly 'not doing well financially.' Also it doesn't run particularly well, so this is not really an option for most folks. Yes, I am transitioning from this to something else.

this basically leaves your pinephone or something running Tizen or similar. I haven't tried Tizen based phones yet.

2. You run a phone that was created originally to run one of these problematic phone vendor things, but is _completely_ replaced by a phone that works for your definition of 'works.'
2a. for some this will be a Gnu phone. These people will not get far because their phones won't do 2 very important things: make calls and send sms messages. Therefore, these folks won't get JOBS in some countries.

@rick_777 @TheGibson

2b. For people with a hacking mindset, it will be more BSD like - a kernel that runs that someone is MAINTAINING - and applications that are on top which actually work, but don't spy on you.
2c. For people without a hacking mindset, it will be...
very difficult, until they start trusting the hacking mindset to produce something decent. Like what happened with the early web.

And it will be much less "convenient" and we will all be better for that, but people will lament the days when they thought they were safe and the big companies were controlling their lives and data without their noticing.

And we'll see the 2nd rise of the big companies when folks switch back to 'convenient.'

But we MIGHT have a kernel free of garbage then.

Mind you, we probably _do_ now, it's likely one of the BSD kernels. But I don't know if the pinephone boots netbsd yet. (Open MIGHT sometime; Free is just kinda ... I'm not sure it will adapt to arm well.)

@Truck @rick_777 @thegibson You need a mobile phone to get a job in some countries?

@rick_777 @sankakujin @Truck @thegibson

In COVID America, you need phones to go to school.

@thegibson wait a minute... we shouldn't take them at their word. Isn't it more likely they removed Mastodon clients so that it's harder for anarchists to organize after being banned from Facebook/Twitter? These tech corporations are crypto-fascist, so they ban fascists in name only.

@theruran all depends on how it is used.

We can always use a browser... until they start blocking access to the fediverse because google threatens to delist browser apps as well.

I suspect a private DoH and a browser will likely be the only valid method soon.

@TheGibson @theruran

I'm old enough to remember having to work out my own routes to Internet resources via a University network as an unusual/incomplete form of DNS was used at UK Unis during the early 1990s as a form of gatekeeping, it doesn't surprise me that people may need to relearn these techniques..

@thegibson I mean yeah, how long until we see more authoritarian attacks on internet access? soon USians may only be able to access Googlenet and Facebooknet and Applenet because the open internet is considered unsafe.

@randynose @TheGibson At least installing F-droid doesn't require root access. ...if I'm remembering correctly...

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