Working on performance issues this morning... please be advised.... any loss of service will be credited to your bill.

@thegibson @c0debabe @ryen @fidgety @djsundog @Anarkat @m4iler @mwlucas @lilithsaintcrow

What the hell man.

I JUST got a brand new US Robotics 56k modem, k!!but everything is STILL running at 14.4 !!!


this is the worst instance ever.

that and I'm wee butt-hurt about not being previously aware of the H-Town radio bumpers :P

I woulda helped :blobfoxsad:

@thegibson @c0debabe @ryen @fidgety @djsundog @Anarkat @m4iler @mwlucas @lilithsaintcrow

And WHILE I'm on a tirade

I ALSO want to call out @docskrzyk for showing me a VCVrack because now my excitement to DIY my own Eurorack cae has been mortally wounded! GAH

Now the Reptilian Illuminati are going to see a VERY sharp decrease in my spending and wonder what the hells going on.

FUCK They might even come to do an IN PERSON AUDIT.

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