I think I have a toothache starting...

this is getting miserable.


get someone to punch you in the balls, hard. it'll redirect your attention.

@thegibson WHY does that always happen on a weekend? I feel for you...they're quite unpleasant. (Get thee some Oil of Oregano - not oregano oil - and start taking the max dose asap.)

@thegibson Oh gosh, the dentist I need. Scared of them.

Hope you are not in too much pain. But good dental health is important.

If you get an infection in the tooth area (lack of technical terms) the bacteria have a higher chance of getting into the circulatory system, a highway straight to the heart leading to death.

@KungFuChickenNoodle Thanks for the cheery lesson about sepsis.

I hate dentists as well... Honestly it could just be an exhaustion headache... I really can't tell.

@TheGibson well if it's any consolation you can pay a stranger to stick their hands in your mouth and, with a series of drills and picks, are able to destroy your tooth entirely.

@thegibson @kranfahrer As someone who just had to deal with an over-the-weekend toothache, I found that a combination of Extra Strength Exederin and 24-hour Sudafed helped. The latter took any ambient sinus pressure off the tooth.

@erosdiscordia @kranfahrer

tylenol, then motrin... repeat, repeat, repeat.

I have an appointment at 11AM tomorrow.

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