I look at Portland tonight, and I want to get in the face of every gullible fool who told me I was crazy post 9-11 when I said the creation of the DHS was a very dangerous slope to tread.

That giving up liberty for security would get us neither.

for their fear taking them over and letting bad decisions be made...

This is on all of you... I remember you, I remember you trying to make me question my beliefs...

I ended up being right... and not a single one of you will dare admit it.

This is all on you.


@thegibson I wrote a blog post the day after saying I was more afraid of creeping authoritarianism in the name of "keeping us safe" and "protecting the children" than I was of dying in a terrorist strike. I remember saying then that making our society eat itself alive was the real goal of the attack, and I was afraid it would work.

I lost a couple of friends that day.

I wonder sometimes if they remember.


@thegibson no, I'll happily admit it. And keep it up, Portland, this shit has got to change. PPB's a bunch of xenophobic chucklefucks and one or two Boy Scouts who think they can fix it from the inside (and they won't, realizing this before they have to renew their certification and quit instead).

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