@aurynn I posted this when Cloudflare killed half the internet earlier.

@thegibson I don't know why I did this, but I suddenly decided to track it down:



Anyway, now that I know the source, it seems even more appropriate in some ways.

@TheGibson Are you the zebra's ass? ;-)

I'm not a pirate, but that's one hell of a booty.

This seems like the perfect animated wallpaper with #oguri, #sway and alacritty opacity!

No, I'm also serius. You see, I got this idea earlier of, if you like me run transparent terminals, why not change wallpaper to show what time it is? Have the change indicate every new hour, or more or less frequent if you want.

I found oguri really cool, but animations for your terminals can probably be quite a distraction. But what about pomodoro!? Have that gif for when it's time for a break!

@bamfic @thegibson
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